The Iona Sports Club was established in 2016 with the aim of increasing participation and providing opportunities for children, from both St Columba Anglican School and the local community, to participate in local sport and to develop their sporting skills.

In 2018 Iona Sports Club entered teams in the Football Mid North Coast competition and Hastings Valley Netball Association competitions with over 300 registered players.

In 2024 as we enter our 7th year of competitive sport Iona Sports Club has established itself as a competitive force in local sporting competitions growing by an impressive 66% with more than 500 registered players.

Honour Board

PatronsJames Holbeck (2019)
Pat Conaghan MP Member for Cowper (2020)
YEARPresidentSecretaryFootball NetballVolleyballClub Person
2018T. MuldoonD. BeardT. MuldoonJ. Chambers
2019T. MuldoonT. JudgeT. MuldoonT. Judge
2020T. MuldoonT. JudgeT. JudgeL. BarlowD. BeardA. Hammond
2021T. MuldoonL. BarlowT. JudgeA. HammondD. BeardD. Beard
2022T. MuldoonL. BarlowT. JudgeA. HammondJ. LorenzK. Kawaguchi
2023T. MuldoonL. BarlowT. JudgeA. HammondS. Oliver
2024A. GuihotL. BarlowT. JudgeP. Martin
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